About Apon Nibas Ltd.

Welcome to Apon Nibas Ltd.

With the passage of time the taste of people is changing. They started to look for safe & sound, calm & quiet and above all, a hassle- free living space. Such an orchestration is not that easy as it is dream of. Then comes the idea of multi-storey building as a blessing to the city-dwellers. Now apartment living is a popularized concept. Inspired by the same idea Apon Nibas started its journey on January 12, 2010 with the intention to take care of the housing needs in this future Mega City. In this time period we already worked on at least 10 project and among 2 we successfully handed over.


We our clients pay believe on us and we hope we proved to keep that believe to our clients successfully.  please do visit our activities and gallery , which contain a number of our work references.


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